100% of our projects are successful and are being readily commercialized. Few among them are :

Fiber board

Alumina Fiber Board

We have developed high strength, low thermal conductivity fiber insulation board through our ceramic processing technique. These have very low shrinkage and can withstand very high temperatures.


Casting Yield Optimization

Our methoding designs are being used in industries for producing metal castings on daily basis with higher yield and better quality than before.


Copper Zirconium Alloy

Melting and casting of copper alloys with precise composition control. We optimize microstructure to get high electrical conductivity and strength at high temperature (up to 500°C).


Microstructure Control

We design heat treatment schedule to control the microstructure of materials. We control microstructure to get superior strength, toughness, wear life, creep and other properties as needed for specific application.

Cooler plate

Casting Defects

The performance and quality of metal castings are adversely affected by the defects generated during metal casting. We provide solutions to metal casting industries for eliminating metal casting defects.


Metal Matrix Composites

We develop casting and processing techniques of metal matrix composites, used for high strength and wear applications. Our expertise range all the way from ceramic preform synthesis to metal infiltration.


Steel Desulphurisation

Sulphur in steel adversely affects the impact properties. We designed a custom solution for desulphurisation of liquid steel in an induction furnace.

copper coating (2)

Surface Coatings

Improving solderability and corrosion resistance of copper and its alloys by surface coating. An electroless coating process has been developed to provide uniform coating even for complex geometries.


Preventing Tarnishing of Copper Wire

During PVC coating, electrical copper wires are subjected to corrosive conditions. Through optimization of various process parameters like choosing suitable coating chemistry, operating temperature etc., tarnishing due to surface oxidation of copper is eliminated.


Improving Metal Formability

By controlling the microstructure & recrystallization texture, formability of metals/alloys can be improved. For example through multistage thermo-mechanical processing, homogeneous distribution of <111>//ND oriented grains can be achieved in ferritic steel which improve its deep drawability.